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I am the least likely person to write a few words about myself, not because I am overly secretive about my great life, but because I am simply lazy. It's an effort to think up good things to write about oneself so I will instead stick with the truth. I believe in evolution not creation, I believe in reason not in the mindless ramblings of some unknown god, I think love trumps reason, I believe that humanity has come far beyond all that was good and beautiful in this world and what is left behind is the foul stench of accumulated sweat formed by a thousand millennia of wasted effort, I believe 'hope' and 'goodness' are words used by aliens probably while having forbidden sex on their far off planets, I think "love" is a dark ritual performed by some lost tribe in Amazon and people will do everything in their power to prevent it from infiltrating into the heart of their rotten civilization, I think people will kill you for thinking differently, I believe that eccentrics are the best hope for humanity and arrogance is the only way of dealing with fools, I believe that when the time comes calling one should stand up and fight and fall and stand up and fight again till there is nothing left, I believe that one should not be scared of death and calamity and adversity as they seek the one who is afraid, I believe that 'prudence' is a refuge of sycophants who are afraid of the consequences of honesty, and yes I dream that one day I will take off on a space ship to some far off galaxy and will never turn back...

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Rumi: Bridge to the Soul: Journeys into the Music and Silence of the Heart
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The Prince

The Prince - Niccolò Machiavelli I think I am getting awfully fed up with these self help manuals on immoral governance and how to make the world a more miserable place than it already is. I mean, what were these jokers thinking when writing this sort of stuff? Has anyone ever profited from this? Well I can stake my reputation, which is not much anyways, that all true followers of Machiavelli and Chankya and other war mongering gurus like Sun Tzu, Jomini and Clausewitz & sons etc. have been miserable failures in their lives. If they were so good they would have been the kings not miserable writers of balderdash. Well, I read it only because it was required reading. I have given it five stars? Well, that is just to impress some literary minded girls who are attracted to moral depravity and who, following in the foot steps of their soul guru Machaivelli, have threatened me with withdrawal of their affections if I try to start a silly little counter revolution of my own. Already they are not so thrilled with what I like to call my "refreshing honesty" but which in their estimation is just another name for my "delusional dreams". :)