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I am the least likely person to write a few words about myself, not because I am overly secretive about my great life, but because I am simply lazy. It's an effort to think up good things to write about oneself so I will instead stick with the truth. I believe in evolution not creation, I believe in reason not in the mindless ramblings of some unknown god, I think love trumps reason, I believe that humanity has come far beyond all that was good and beautiful in this world and what is left behind is the foul stench of accumulated sweat formed by a thousand millennia of wasted effort, I believe 'hope' and 'goodness' are words used by aliens probably while having forbidden sex on their far off planets, I think "love" is a dark ritual performed by some lost tribe in Amazon and people will do everything in their power to prevent it from infiltrating into the heart of their rotten civilization, I think people will kill you for thinking differently, I believe that eccentrics are the best hope for humanity and arrogance is the only way of dealing with fools, I believe that when the time comes calling one should stand up and fight and fall and stand up and fight again till there is nothing left, I believe that one should not be scared of death and calamity and adversity as they seek the one who is afraid, I believe that 'prudence' is a refuge of sycophants who are afraid of the consequences of honesty, and yes I dream that one day I will take off on a space ship to some far off galaxy and will never turn back...

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Rumi: Bridge to the Soul: Journeys into the Music and Silence of the Heart
Rumi, Coleman Barks (Translator), With A. J. Arberry, With Nevit Ergin
Sunstone - Octavio Paz " the Aztec calendar consisted of a ritual cycle of 260 days and a 365-day civil cycle. The ritual cycle, or tonalpohualli, contained two smaller cycles, an ordered sequence of 20 named days and a sequence of days numbered from 1 to 13. The 13-day cycle was particularly important for religious observance, and each of the 20 numbered cycles within the ritual year was associated with a different deity..." - Encyclopedia Brittanica-

" (In Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican calendar systems) A 584-day Venus cycle was also maintained, which tracked the heliacal risings of Venus as the morning and evening stars. Many events in this cycle were seen as being astrologically inauspicious and baleful, and occasionally warfare was astrologically timed to coincide with stages in this cycle.
-Wikepedia (parenthesis mine) -

" The Aztec calendar stone, Mexica sun stone, Stone of the Sun (Spanish: Piedra del Sol), or Stone of the Five Eras, is a large monolithic sculpture that was excavated in the Zócalo, the main square of Mexico City, on December 17, 1790.[2] It was discovered while Mexico City Cathedral was being repaired.[3] The stone is approximately 12 feet (3.7 m) across and weighs approximately 24 tons..." - Wikepedia-

How did you learn that time turns in circles?, that what has passed is not lost but will come back, and what you await is not new, only the echos from your past? The moment is nothing, for the wheels of time are forever running. Were you born with this knowledge? Do you know time is a river?

" a crystal willow, a poplar of water,
tall fountain the wind arches over,
tree deep-rooted yet dancing still,
a course of a river that turns, moves on,
doubles back, and comes full circle,
forever arriving..." (Octavio Paz - Sun Stone)

And you travel through this river on the ship of my desire:

" dressed in the color of my desires,
you go your way naked as my thoughts,
I travel your eyes, like the sea,
tigers drink their dreams in those eyes,
the hummingbird burns in those flames..." (Octavio Paz - Sun Stone)

But who are you among the countless faces that I have forgotten? Are you a vague memory or a still born dream? Are you the one who loved the sun or the one who was deep as forest? Are you the queen of serpents or the nymph of the pond?

" I’ve forgotten your name, Melusina,
Laura, Isabel, Persephone, Mary,
your face is all the faces and none,
you are all the hours and none,
you’re a tree and a cloud, all the birds
and a single star, the edge of the sword
and the executioner’s bowl of blood,
the ivy that creeps, envelops, uproots
the soul, and severs it from itself..." (Octavio Paz - Sun Stone)

Nothing, no one! You are on the other side, watching the wheel that spins forever. And I am on this side, watching the wheel that spins forever. We chose our sides:

" there’s no one, you’re no one,
a heap of ashes and worn-out broom,
a rusted knife and a feather duster,
a pelt that hangs from a pack of bones,
a withered branch, a black hole,
and there at the bottom the eyes of a girl
drowned a thousand years ago,..." (Octavio Paz - Sun Stone)

Love is truth but it was only on our lips like a tired sigh floats awhile in the air before it is forever lost. Do you know that love is the island in the river of time? It is a hope beyond all hopes. Is it a fallacy ? Hope is a lie, hope is a curse. Is it a curse then? or is it a battle?

" to love is to battle, if two kiss
the world changes, desires take flesh,
thoughts take flesh, wings sprout
on the backs of the slave, the world is real
and tangible, wine is wine, bread
regains its savor, water is water,
to love is to battle, to open doors,
to cease to be a ghost with a number
forever in chains, forever condemned
by a faceless master;
the world changes
if two look at each other and see..." (Octavio Paz - Sun Stone)

But time: Turning wheel, unfathomable river, dark forest, bright sun, you are immortal. You will live and you will turn. Love will be lost, we will sail around the island of love in our ships of desire, losing all hope, just turning and spinning and drowning:

" door of being, dawn and wake me,
allow me to see the face of this day,
allow me to see the face of this night,
all communicates, all is transformed,
arch of blood, bridge of the pulse,
take me to the other side of this night,
where I am you, we are us,
the kingdom where pronouns are intertwined" (Octavio Paz - Sun Stone)