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I am the least likely person to write a few words about myself, not because I am overly secretive about my great life, but because I am simply lazy. It's an effort to think up good things to write about oneself so I will instead stick with the truth. I believe in evolution not creation, I believe in reason not in the mindless ramblings of some unknown god, I think love trumps reason, I believe that humanity has come far beyond all that was good and beautiful in this world and what is left behind is the foul stench of accumulated sweat formed by a thousand millennia of wasted effort, I believe 'hope' and 'goodness' are words used by aliens probably while having forbidden sex on their far off planets, I think "love" is a dark ritual performed by some lost tribe in Amazon and people will do everything in their power to prevent it from infiltrating into the heart of their rotten civilization, I think people will kill you for thinking differently, I believe that eccentrics are the best hope for humanity and arrogance is the only way of dealing with fools, I believe that when the time comes calling one should stand up and fight and fall and stand up and fight again till there is nothing left, I believe that one should not be scared of death and calamity and adversity as they seek the one who is afraid, I believe that 'prudence' is a refuge of sycophants who are afraid of the consequences of honesty, and yes I dream that one day I will take off on a space ship to some far off galaxy and will never turn back...

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Rumi: Bridge to the Soul: Journeys into the Music and Silence of the Heart
Rumi, Coleman Barks (Translator), With A. J. Arberry, With Nevit Ergin
Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space - Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan When did you last despair of the fleeting nature of the human enterprise? It is a constant thought with me now. Humans have endangered the prospects of life on this planet that we call home through a consistent defiance of sensibilities. Consider the conceits that afflict us: of being a superior species with intelligence, of being the centre and purpose of this universe, of religion, of race, of gender and what not. The psychology of this species holds the planet a hostage and is a constant danger to all life forms. Call me a misanthrope if you like but is there nothing that we can call noble in homo-sapiens?
Carl Sagan lays bare the human arrogance and does an extremely good job of identifying its roots, which as I understand, lie in ignorance. Being ignorant is not such a crime, in fact it is the default state, but choosing to stay ignorant is an unpardonable atrocity for those who consider themselves the "special beings". But there is a greater abomination than this, and that is to resolve ignorance through convenience. It happens when instead of looking for answers to difficult questions, humans resort to personal or communal interpretations. That is how religion came to plague the lives of billions. God, as we know him, is a concept mired in such irrational beliefs.
Sagan was a visionary who understood the need for exploration of other worlds, not to extend the human project but for the sheer wonder of it. I second him, though I will not be among the mourners when the human race wipes itself out through its own arrogance!